Dabbling in Philosophy and Metacognitive Reasoning

By: Kemble Elliott

P4C in Grade 8

Grade 8s (one class thus far) have begun to explore P4C (Philosophy for Children) and are wrangling with concepts such as ‘What is the nature of beauty?’ and ‘Who has power in families? Why?’ They have used various tools such as the concept line and question generation, and are beginning to explore how to use philosophical questions to delve more deeply into a full enquiry.

The Staff is Thinking

The “Thinking about Thinking” Courses that have been run this term have opened opportunities for discussion about teaching and learning, concept development and the ‘how’ rather than the ‘what’ of curriculum delivery. One of the greatest unforeseen benefits has been discussions across schools, grades and subjects, with teachers sharing and developing strategies to make their teaching more conscious.

Leveraging Previous Knowledge

Prep School Teachers explored ways to draw links between metacognitive tools that they have already been exposed to: Habits of Mind, Thinking Maps and Bloom’s Taxonomy. They participated in a collaborative workshop to develop connections between “ways of thinking about thinking” and have injected new life into their metacognitive interventions in the classroom.


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