Technology for Fame! (Drama, Presentation Skills)

Jeni-lyn Murchison


Apart from my classes becoming almost paperless with notes and notices being posted on Google Classroom. I have also found this a useful tool for the choreography used in Fame, where I have videoed dance sequences and uploaded them for the cast to reference.

Tablets and other smart devices are great to use for documenting, videoing and enhancing dramatic performances. Dramatic Arts students are encouraged to use iMovie to film their performance pieces for self-evaluation.

Drama Club students in Grade 7 act out scenarios using apps such as Buttons and other sound apps and music clips which they integrate into their performances. The Grade 8 Drama students also use these apps for physical theatre pieces and they will be using the editing tools on the advertisements which they film.

In Presentation Skills, the Grade 9s conduct research on their tablets or smart phones and I am assisting them to hone their search skills. We will also be exploring their online identities later in the year.