Seesaw (Information Technology)

By: Shira Balderson

Seesaw is a student driven digital portfolio platform, available across iOS, Android and any computer using Chrome or Firefox. This application empowers students to independently document what they do and experience at school, thus allowing their learning and activities to be extended beyond the classroom.

Seesaw works fantastically for the younger grades as there is no email address login required. Students are able to access their portfolios by scanning a QR Code, using Seesaw’s built-in QR Code scanner, generated for their class. They can then simply upload photos, videos, drawings or links, or directly import content from a number of popular apps.

Parents are then able to view their child’s work, once they have downloaded and logged into Seesaw Parent. This, too, is done via a QR code, generated for each child. This means that parents are only able to see what their child has done or is doing, or a post that is uploaded to ‘everyone’, rather than the whole classes work. Parent and student commenting and ‘likes’ can be disabled or enabled, they can also be enabled with a function that requires approval from the administrator.

We are currently in the process of launching Seesaw in Grade Three, and will then be extending it into Grade Four. It is a new and exciting project with a lifespan of its own, as the students are able to take their portfolios with them through to the next grade(s) and keep building on them.

Watch this space!