A New Subject for a New World (Presentation Skills)

(By Jeni Murchison)


I teach and run Presentation Skills to Gr 9s who choose it as an option to French.  I teach them three times a week.  I used to be involved in Presentation Skills training in the corporate sector and have applied this to the course.

In the first term students research a career and then create a comprehensive CV, using their research. They project themselves to mid-thirties where they have qualified and held at least three positions with different companies.  They then list the experience which they would have gained, their skills and achievements etc.  We then work on interview skills, body language, answering questions etc.  At the end of the term they are interviewed for a senior position in their chosen career by a recruitment specialist.

We also look at their digital identities – we conduct online searches and discuss their digital profile.  They then look at creating positive digital identities that would impress a prospective employer.

In the second term they come up with an innovative concept.  They then conduct feasibility studies, design the product and company logos.  They do market research and produce a marketing plan together with a financial plan.  At the end of the term they do a business presentation  on their product to the Manager of Small Businesses for Investec – this is their exam mark.

They also argue court cases.  Where we have a panel of defense and one of prosecutors, the rest of the class acts as the jury and rules on the best argument presented to them.

In the third term we examine the power of words and positive persuasion.  They work on motivational speeches; emotive language and using their personality and conviction to deliver a powerful presentation.  They present these speeches to a motivational speech coach and agent for motivational speeches.  This comprises their exam mark.

We use technology for their digital identities, social media sites such as Facebook, Linkedin etc. They research online and interpret this. They design their products and logos using various applications and editing tools.