Grade 4 Integrated Project

(By Rene Naidoo)

The Grade 4 teachers are well on our way towards integrating technology to support and enhance learning. This has cut down on pen and paper tasks and has given the kids an exciting platform to showcase their work. We have successfully…

  • used Popplet to create a bubble map for the All About Me section.
  • used Popplet to create a tree map on the different types of nouns, following a walk around the school to take pictures (on our iPads) of any nouns we encountered.
  • used iMovie to create a trailer to introduce ourselves and our friends in the classroom/at school. The children had fun and, while their texts and images/movie clips didn’t always fit or come together as a cohesive whole, they had loads of fun and they now have the basic knowledge of using the app. Going forward, we will be using this app to showcase their knowledge of a concept they have learned, or are about to learn.
  • used Puppet Pal/Tellagami (kids could choose) to introduce student-made books on Book Creator
  • used the iPad to record individual presentations on Primary Sources of Information (the children created a museum on themselves using a cardboard box and pieces of evidence which they presented to the class.)
  • used the iPads to record our individual science experiments.
  • typed our final draft of our speech on All About me on Pages after following the draft-revise-edit process on paper.
  • used Book Creator to create a book on All About Me which includes everything listed above, as well as any other information that we could find on ourselves or our families via Safari. To add to this, we typed an acrostic poem using our names,  a family tree and any other information of choice to build on our story.
  • The Prep School Technology Integration Specialist has set up a Google account for each of the classes. Through this, we have used Google Classroom to assign tasks to support the Flipped Classroom Approach. For example, we watch videos so when we start the lesson in class, we already have some knowledge to help us engage in the lessons.
  • In Google Classroom, a folder has been created for each child where they have uploaded their saved videos and images from Camera Roll for safe keeping and for perusal at their leisure or to share with their parents.
  • We use Apple TV to assist in teaching each other what we know about the different apps – the children have a wealth of knowledge to share and the approach we have used is : ‘We will learn together.’ This approach has been extremely successful as I don’t need to know anything about an app, we learn as we go along. Apple TV will also be used to present their books created on Book Creator.
  • Explain Everything and Comic Creator are apps that are definitely on the cards. IWe are excited about what we can do with these apps.
  • The children bring  their own headphones/earphones to reduce noise levels.

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  1. A lot of stimulating, engaging uses of the technology readily available. I wish I had learnt like that sometimes during my school years! I reckon it’s more engaging and as efficient!


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