Advantages of Using Google Forms for Long Marking

5 Advantages of Marking Longer Answers Using Google Forms and Sheets (By Michael Caplan, History & English)

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Marking longer answers in History

Many tech-savvy teachers may be aware of the super cool self-marking that Google Forms in combination with Flubaroo brings. However this works mainly with short answers, multiple choice matching columns, true and false etc. Nevertheless, Forms (in combination with Sheets) can also be used for longer answers. I had a go at this and after several uses have found some distinct advantages, some of which were quite surprising:

1. No more handwriting troubles

We all know how challenging it is to try and decipher kids’ little ants crawling across the page. With marking in a Sheet there is no such trouble. Reading even lengthy answers is much faster.

2. Marking Down

I found that one can mark a single question down the column. This is rather boring but far more efficient. You get to know the memo quickly, as well all the common errors. Marking is not only faster but more painless.

3. Comments – Copy and paste.

How often do we find that while marking many students make the same mistake? I often find myself writing the same comment over and over. With Sheets, copying and pasting makes this far easier. I also find that more comprehensive feedback is possible because it is quicker to type, and because cramming in hand-written comments is no longer a problem.

4. Adding extra bits

One can easily add in a web link – to the kid who needs some extra stimulus/challenging material or to the student who needs a different explanation/video to help understand a concept. Also. you can add some fun graphics/emoticons – smiley faces etc. to add a bit of fun to a congratulatory comment.

5. Addition errors:

Often we make silly addition errors – here adding is done for you with a simple formula. I have found the amount of queries is dramatically reduced with this method.

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The task in Forms


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