Wiki Notes (The Way of the Future?)


(Sean Hampton-Cole, Geography)

Sometimes you just have to give them the content. But why not make this a collaborative activity?

I set up a table in a Google Doc with the terms and concepts listed down one column and then gave my Grade 10 students editing rights. Their task was to add the content and to edit one another’s work. Part of the brief was to keep it concise.

To my surprise, much enthusiasm and productive chaos ensued. They really did seem to enjoy it. And then I got my second class to do the same thing with the same document. What they produced in the end was a high quality, four page summary of the entire section of work.

And now I’m thinking about expanding this idea…

  • What if I could add in space for more diagrams, enrichment videos and such. Wouldn’t it mean the end of textbooks as we know them?
  • What if I set up a partnership with the same grades in other schools, and made this a broader project?
  • What if I tried to find overlaps between this and other subjects, and inserted links to similar wikis for these subjects?
  • Maybe I could even include a section for students to create a series of low and high order questions.