Bringing Down Walls of the Classroom in Natural Sciences

Dhevan Marimandi

Students today are connected to technology in education in ways that we could never imagine. The question, How do we as teachers take advantage of this interest in order to maximise learning?

On the 16 of September this year, the Grade Seven pupils from Redhill Preparatory School participated in a collaborative IT project with the students from Dainfern College. The pupils were put in mixed groups of four to five and had to have a discussion with their counterparts from Dainfern using a variety of communication tools which included FaceTime, Google Hangouts, I-message, Snap Chat and Skype.

The pupils from Redhill discussed ideas around non-renewable forms of energy and the students from Dainfern College discussed ideas around renewable forms of energy. Once each pupil had their opportunity to contribute to the discussion, a debate on which form of energy would be best suited for South Africa to use to generate electricity going forward was held.

This activity served as a culmination of the various collaborative activities that were completed between the two schools earlier in the using Google Classroom and Google Docs.

The pupils had lots of fun completing the task and really understood what the concept of bringing the walls of the classroom down meant.