Celebrating Unity in Diversity

On 28 September 2016, Grade 4N celebrated Unity in Diversity.

(By Mrs Shaan Naidoo – Grade 4N Class Teacher)

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South Africa is a fruit salad. That is, we come from different cultural backgrounds, follow different religious practices, think differently, speak different languages, celebrate our rites of passage according to our ethnic or religious roots and have our own different dietary laws, dress codes and cultural taboos. Yet, we attend school together; conduct business with people from all walks of life and we celebrate our humanity together.

Sometimes, though, without knowing it, we may offend the very same people with whom we wish to cooperate or include in our business or social dealings because we are ignorant about their social or religious or other customs.

At our special class assembly, the Grade 4Ns made it their aim to inform their audience about the significance of different festivals like the Chinese New Year, Ramadan, Eid, Rosh Hashana, Diwali and Christmas. They also highlighted all the similarities in our festivals, clearly showing that although we are different in so many ways, we are also alike in so many ways. This is because we are all connected as a nation, and our infinite variety makes us truly unique.

I applaud my class on an outstanding performance! Well done, my STARS!